Autoeficacia docente de profesores de licenciatura en una Unidad Multidisciplinaria de Educación Superior

Teacher self-efficacy in professors' degrees in a Multidisciplinary Higher Education Unit

   This article attempts to describe the perceptions of self-efficacy in teaching, of professors who work in three degrees of a Multidisciplinary Unit of Higher Education, in the fields of teaching, classroom management, commitment to students and reflection on practice. It is a quantitative study in which 15 university professors of the degrees in Nursing, Software Engineering and Public Accountant participated. Data were collected using the survey technique. A high frequency of positive perceptions and a low frequency of neutral perceptions were found in the four dimensions related to teachers' self-efficacy. It is concluded that teachers consider themselves to have an effective performance. It is the dimension of self-efficacy in classroom management in which the teachers perceived the greatest strength and the self-efficacy in the commitment to students in which they perceived the greatest weakness.

   Keywords: self-efficacy - perception - university professors - higher education.




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