Sembrar equidad en Instagram. TIC, mujeres rurales y pandemia

Sowing equity on Instagram. ICT, rural women and pandemic (Argentina, 2020)

   During 2020, the pandemic altered our daily routines. In this context, the use of virtual tools became an essential part of everyday life both for sociability and to generate and / or strengthen affective, work and claim networks. In Argentina, rural spaces were not immune to this complex process in which their women acquired a notorious role.
   In this article we evaluate the presence and construction of two rural women's groups (Mujeres Rurales Argentinas, Red de Mujeres Rurales) in social networks. We argue that the notion of appropriation of ICT is relevant for understanding the development of their activities and their virtual sociability. Also, we consider it as a tool that allows them to incorporate experiences, ways of working and living in the unequal Argentine rural territories. We focus on Instagram to study -from a gender perspective- the diversities within Argentine rural women, attending the places where they inhabit and the forms of association and identification that they propose.

   Keywords: ICT – ruralities – gender – women's collectives

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