Sujetos de la perversión. Una lectura kristeviana del asesino serial

Subjects of perversion. A kristevian reading of the serial killer

   In light of the television representation of a serial murderer which is sustained by the contradiction between rejection and fascination, this article will seek to discuss what Julia Kristeva's semiotics defines as "the perverse". My objective is to understand the ambivalent refraction of certain epochal signs, through the study of fictional subjectivities that do not carry normalized values. In this sense, the construction of a perversity between the monstrous and the Apollonian seems to exhibit the reverse of those moral codes that the social order founds. In order to account for these crossroads, and updating the Kristevian hypothesis on certain triggers of violence that expose a modern crisis of the subject, I will analyze how an exemplary series stages a male perversion that finds its expression in aesthetic experience, but also multiple forms of masking.

   Keywords: serial killers –TV series – perversion – Julia Kristeva

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