El estudio de la enseñanza, adquisición y uso de la lectura y la escritura académica desde la perspectiva teórico metodológica de Pierre Bourdieu

The study of the teaching, acquisition and use of academic reading and writing from the theoretical-methodological perspective of Pierre Bourdieu

   The work below is presented as an essay and aims at exploring the contributions that epistemological principles and conceptual and methodological tools from Pierre Bourdieu can make to achieve greater objectivity, autonomy and development of the field of study of the scientific-academic reading and writing practices and their university teaching. In the first part, three lines of work are developed on this problem and, in the second, the links between writing and the production and communication of knowledge, the reproduction of cultural capital and power relations in the scientific field are addressed and outlined. In general terms, the work is formulated as a sketch of lines of analysis of the object of study and an exploration of hypotheses and objectification strategies, reflecting particularly on the social work of construction of the object.

   Keywords: writing – reading – theory of practice – academic literacy

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