Editar publicaciones en contextos de encierro. La promoción de voces postergadas como práctica colectiva y proyecto universitario.

Editing and Publishing in Contexts of Confinement. Promoting Neglected Voices as a Collective Practice and University Project

   The Collective Editing Workshop (Taller Colectivo de Edición) is an extracurricular course at UBA XXII campus in federal prisons of Buenos Aires. It is part of the Prison Extension Program of the Faculty of Philosophy and Letters of the University of Buenos Aires. Its work consists of editing biannual magazines in each of the campus, which are published by the Faculty’s editorial department. The Workshop promotes the right to freedom of expression of students that are deprived of their freedom of movement. Through critical reflection on how the hegemonic press represents the issues associated with the contexts of confinement, the students propose alternative points of view and position themselves as subjects of rights, disputing meanings with the media that present them as mere objects of their discourses. We propose to address the enunciative-subjective positioning that the students produce through an analysis of the publications themselves.

   Keywords: collective edition workshop - education in jails - university extension - editorial practice

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