“Pare, mire, escuche”. La dimensión comunicativa en los usos del rap de jóvenes en un contexto de pobreza urbana (Paraná, Entre Ríos, Argentina)

"Stop, look, listen." Citizenship and communication in the uses of rap by young people in a context of urban poverty (Paraná, Entre Ríos, Argentina)

   In the center of the main square of Paraná (Entre Ríos, Argentina) –the amusement and circulation point on downtown city, the place where local people look at Cathedral's porch, the city hall Palace and the showcase of some of the fanciest localbars- every week about seventy young people breaks into a duel of rhymes  with a backround music. They are rappers from different neighborhoods on the outskirts of the city and their followers, who meet there on Saturday afternoon, put on a performance and, as one of the improvisations says, they make their own the grown. Why they do that? What cultural specificities compose their experience? What do they do when they rap? We approach these questions from the field work of an ethnography carried out with a group of this young people –that are called the rappers from the West- in the framework of a doctoral research and we propose that is possible to comprehend their practices as communicational practices crossed by a deep political dimension.

   Keywords: communicative citizenship - audibility - youth - political action

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