La palabra tutelada de los sectores subalternizados en medios digitales de Misiones

The tutored word of subalternized sectors in local digital media in Misiones

   This paper analyzes journalism’s treatment of digital media in the province of Misiones, Argentine, about claims of social subalternized sectors. -such as land or house claiming from urban people’s áreas or indigenous communities that inhabit the región. At the same time, it attempts to ponder about the media role of political actors in the management and distribution of expression resources and the space and public agenda dispute. From a selected corpus of digital media news, an approach to that we denominate the“tutored participation” in the public space will be performed by following the Jacques Rancière (2009) statements about the distribution of sensitive issues. Therefore, a reflection about the citizenship processes of local agendas will take place as well.

   Keywords: tutored word - communicative citizenship - media - public space

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