Abordar prácticas de lectura y escritura ensayística desde los umbrales semióticos

To approach essayistic reading and writing practices from the semiotic thresholds

   Our presentation is about the teaching experience with essay reading and writing practices from the "semiotic thresholds" (Camblong, 2017), from the project "The social production of meaning: semiotic approach to social discourses" (2020-2021), whitin the framework of the Semiotic and Discourse Analysis Department of the of the Faculty of Humanities, at the National University of Formosa. With this article we propose to discuss methodologically the implications of transiting the "semiotic literacy" (Camblong-Fernández, 2012; Camblong, 2017) of an epistemic, recursive and dialectical writing process (Carlino, 2005; 2008). The shared reflections are a journey through the vicissitudes of the particular semiotic universes during the continuity about the meaning of different materialities of social discursivity and of an essayistic construction, on different levels of realization (Reis, 1981).

   Keywords: essayistic reading and writing – discursivities – semiotic thresholds.

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