Agroquímicos, discursos y actores agropecuarios en la pampa argentina. Un estudio a través de grupos focales en Junín (Buenos Aires),

Agrochemicals, discourses and agricultural actors in the Argentine Pampas. An study through discussion groups in Junín (Buenos Aires)

   The article studies the positions over the use of glyphosate in pampean agriculture among agricultural actors. The aim is to identify the interpellative capacity and the degrees of hegemony achieved by certain public discourses on agricultural production, among actors with different social profiles. In order to do so, we analyze data from focus groups carried out in Junin (Buenos Aires, Argentina), placed in a paradigmatic agricultural core zone of the pampas. Using a qualitative approach we identify the discursive strategies and operations through which meanings about glyphosate are constructed, their reformulations through group dynamics in terms of consensus and dissent, the use of non-verbal language and the construction of collective voices.

   Keywords: discourses – agrochemicals - agricultural actors

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