La perplejidad como dispositivo identitario del escritor: Enrique Vila-Matas

Perplexity as an identity device of the writer: Enrique Vila-Matas
In these works a fluid and growing reflection on the author's role in literary creation is presented. They raise the idea that literature (understood as a relationship between life and literature, between autobiography, essay and fiction) is no longer a mere hobby, it becomes a vehicle of thought about itself and about life in general. When thinking about life within its own representation, literature acquires a reflexive dimension that has been considered even superior to that of philosophy. This superiority does not lie in the possibility of designing more or less effective theories but in the potential to elucidate confusing realities more effectively, and what else is that desire but more than life itself as one lives it daily. In this plane the identity of the author / writer mutates, enriches and expands his cultural responsibility.

Keywords: Transgression - Identity - Criticism - Literature

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