Desarrollo desigual y condicionantes agrarios estructurales: del “latifundio enemigo del ferrocarril” a la expansión de los agronegocios en el Nordeste Argentino, por Cristina Valenzuela

Uneven development and structural agrarian conditions: from the “enemy estate of the railroad” to the expansion of agribusiness in the Argentine Northeast.

In the Northeast of Argentina, the process of consolidating a bipolar agrarian structure with a predominance of extreme sizes and specialization in specific and secondary agricultural products in the national context, constituted one of the main conditions in its process of unequal geographical development at an intraregional scale and national. In the examination of these questions the process of conformation of the agrarian structure is synthesized, the consolidation of the great unproductive property, which forced the agricultural colonization to be installed in the interstitial spaces available in what was left of the distribution of the public land, to then examine how the effects of that The combination impacted regional agricultural development processes and were used for the expansion of the agribusiness model. The work is part of a research project on agro-productive territories in northeastern Argentina and aims to deepen the knowledge of the historical processes that gave rise to and supported their distinctive attributes in a multiscale approach

Keywords: agrarian structure, unequal development, Northeast Argentina

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