José Martí y la oratoria: la construcción de lo americano en sus discursos

José Martí and the oratory: the construction of the American in the oratory pieces

The essay focuses on the analysis of a selection of José Martí oratory pieces, in order to trace how the image of America is constructed in them: from the matriarchal metaphor of "Mother America", to the different ways of contrasting "Our America" with North America. In addition, it is observed how this is articulated with the image of Cuba, in relation to the different enunciation situations in which the author pronounced his texts. Reference is also made to the tradition in which it is framed and how its gaze contributes to creating new statements and images that resemble it. The different discursive procedures that delineate each of these spaces are also pointed out, stopping in the center / periphery relations of the “here” and the “there”, which are traced in each speech, according to the plot objectives that they guided them.

Keyword: José Martí - America - oratory

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