Violencia y acoso político por razones de género. Bolivia y Argentina en la mira

Violence and political harassment for reasons of gender. Bolivia and Argentina in the spotlight

In the present academic essay, the concept of political violence based on gender will be specifically addressed. This issue is especially interesting in our country, Argentina, there are very few explorations in this regard, which translates into null public policies and legislations that regulate this phenomenon.
However, this does not happen in other Latin American countries, such as Bolivia and Mexico, for example, where remarkable progress is being made in the matter. That is why in this work, and taking into account the extension of it, will be analyzed both the founding concept of violence and political harassment towards women and feminized identities, as well as existing regulations and conceptualizations only in the case of Bolivia to have a founding Law on the subject: Law N° 243 (2012) against harassment and political violence against women.

Keywords: political violence - gender - public policies

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