Avances en la descripción del sistema de ingreso y del acompañamiento tutorial en la Facultad de Ciencias Exactas Químicas y Naturales (Universidad Nacional de Misiones)

Advances in the description of the system of admission and tutorial accompaniment at the Faculty of Exact Chemical and Natural Sciences (Universidad Nacional de Misiones)

Since the promulgation of Law 27204/15 on educational policies for entry into national universities, some practices were consolidated or restructured. In the Faculty of Exact Sciences at the Universidad Nacional de Misiones, the contents to be leveled are adjusted annually and the modules and contents arise by agreement with the career directors. The program of admission, permanence and mentoring facilitates the setting to the university life through the performance of the tutors, teachers and peers from the entrance of the students. Even so, students have difficulty inserting and staying. The present work presents the advances of the investigation project “Estudio del sistema de ingreso y del acompañamiento tutorial en la FCEQyN”, which seeks to contribute to an improvement regards the quality of the access to the university.

Key words: permanence , desertion, new students - university

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