Los argentinos de frontera: el caso de la provincia de Misiones durante la última dictadura (1976-1983)

Palabras claves: Misiones - última dictadura - frontera - políticas

The argentines of the frontier: the case of the Misiones province during the last dictatorship (1976-1983)

In this article will analyze, in one hand, how to saw different actors to Misiones province; in the other hand, what were some of the public policies that are designed and implemented in those years. We intend to show that the issues about Misiones were varied, although dominated a negative appreciation and a tendency to regard the province as a victim of the strategies of Brazil. In relation to public policies, we will see that they were going in the direction of make presence on the frontier with actions that had much visibility but, according to testimonies, had few effective results.

Key words: Misiones - last dictatorship - frontier - politics

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