¿Tendiendo puentes?: la comida como marcador de identidad en series de televisión transnacionales

Bridging the Gap: Investigating Food and Identity in Translational Television Series

   This article compares the use of food and the eating habits of the protagonists of season one of the Danish-Swedish crime drama television series Bron/Broen (2011) and its remakes English French The Tunnel (2013), and the American The Bridge (2013). By highlighting what and how these detective duos eat (or do not eat), these television series portray interesting incidents in which individuals/ nations bond through food. We argue that it ist hrough food that these series challenge or subvert national and gender stereotypes in a number of ways. We investigate the way in which the first two depict societies that are not too dissimilar to each other, while the last one tends to reinforce national clichés, thus constituting what may be read as a missed opportunity to tackle transnational issues.

   Key words: food and crime fiction - transnational crime fiction

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