Visibilidad de la producción científica y académica en el campo de las ciencias sociales y humanidades: perspectivas en la Universidad Nacional de Misiones

Scientific and academic production visibility in social sciences and the humanities fields: Universidad Nacional de Misiones perspectives

   Searching for the understanding of complexity, tackled by teacher researchers from the School of Humanities and Social Sciences of the State University of Misiones, to make their productions visible, framed in the heterogeneous and diverse fields of these sciences, anchored in institutional/organizational contexts of local and regional production, is the problem our interdisciplinary team is addressing. To this aim, we adopted a transversal dialogue and extended the voices of those involved in the study, in order to generate a distributed knowledge in their own application field. In this case, from focus group with researchers and institutional authorities, confirm as a conclusion, the need to formulate criteria and indicators for the evaluation of scientific productions, that consider the peculiarities of social sciences and humanities, highlighting our distinctive geopolitical situation (NEA-AR; MERCOUR), as a privileged space to make scientific knowledge visible, serving a more just, diverse and inclusive society, aimed at offering a better quality of life to people.

   Keywords: evaluation research - social sciences and humanities - visibility of the scientific production - focus group - Argentina

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