Radio comunitaria y red interinstitucional: El caso de Virgen Misionera en Bariloche

Community radio and inter-agency network: The case of Virgen Misionera in Bariloche   

   The following work seeks to analyze, from Virgen Misionera neighborhood located in the city of San Carlos de Bariloche, community practices that form a network of interactions. In this network, the community radio FM "Del Barrio" works as an articulator agent. In this way we will expose the territorial configuration of this neighborhood, to then enter into the specificities that make the case. There we will investigate the formation of the inter-institutional network, placing the focus on the community radio station; to reflect on the importance of inter-institutional networks in popular neighborhoods, as well as the role of the community media in that scenario.

   Keywords: community radio – neighborhood – Bariloche - network

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