Hacer memoria. Intervenciones glotopolíticas, discursos sobre la lengua

Making memory. Glotopoliticals interventions, discourses about the language.

     This text raises some questions about what the work of linguistic awareness supposes to immediately address a proposal for the case of Spanish in Brazil in the context of the #Ficaespanhol movement. It emerges in Rio Grande do Sul in 2016 and, subsequently, extends to other states, as an expression of a reaction to the repeal, in 2017, of what is known as the “Spanish law”. After dealing with aspects of the production conditions of this movement, the text focuses on the case that specifically takes place in the state of São Paulo, through the processing, in the respective Legislative Assembly, of the law bill 446/2018 which proposes the mandatory offer of this language and the optional enrollment in school. The exposition of the premises and actions carried out from a theoretical discursive basis leads to its explicitness, approaching the concept of discursive memory and the analysis of some of those actions.

     Key words: linguistic awareness – language imaginaries – discursive memory – #Ficaespanhol

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