De “el español da batalla” a “la batalla por el español”. Ideologías lingüísticas en la prensa cultural argentina contemporánea: el caso de la Revista Ñ

From “the Spanish gives battle” to “the battle for the Spanish”. Linguistic Ideologies in the Contemporary Argentine Cultural Press: the case of Revista Ñ

     The Revista Ñ of Grupo Clarín is the most important cultural periodical publication at present in Argentina. This article focuses on the analysis of the ideological representations of language that are produced, underlie and circulate in the journal regarding the discoursive object “Spanish language” from the glottopolitical perspective. For this, a textual corpus was set up in which the “language issue” was a cover topic and raised public debates about (politics related to) Spanish. Our objective is to explain why the journal strategically deploys an oscillating movement between belonging to the pan-Hispanic community, in which the peninsular variety promulgated by the academy is hegemonic despite of the declarations of democratic management and respect for the diversity, on the one hand; and the vindication of language sovereignity, on the other.

     Key words: Spanish language – linguistic ideologies – contemporary cultural press – Argentina

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