Ventanas de oportunidad para una revisión del trabajo social en salud en la Argentina, de cara al Siglo XXI

Windows of opportunity for a review of Social Work in health in Argentina, facing the XXI century

This essay seeks to problematize the interventions of Social Work in the biomedical health system, around four gaps that constitute windows of opportunity to compose frameworks and alternative criteria of professional performance, in urban and pluricultural contexts of Argentina. Recover and summarize concepts and observations emerging from a consolidated line of research from 2008 up to the present, from a corpus composed of secondary and primary sources: local and foreign literature on social work, sociology of the professions, medicine and medical anthropology, as well as programs, plans and interviews with healthcare professionals and suffering in the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires, the Buenos Aires suburbs, Neuquen, Salta and Jujuy. The tension cure-care, the reference to somatic modes of attention, differences with a clinical approach, and health in the plural, are the axes from which to review the professional interventions with effects on communities of practice.

Keywords: Windows of opportunity - social work in health - health - crosscultural dialogue

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