¿Qué puede hacer la literatura? Los bordes de un dilema

What can literature do? A dilemmas’s border

The text we present here corresponds to the conference delivered by Dr. Silvia Barei in August 2018, at Facultad de Humanidades y Ciencias Sociales of the Universidad Nacional de Misiones. It took place during the meeting that closed the Project to Support the Evaluation of University Teachers in Literature (Resol. 2017-2075-APN-SECPU-ME), in which this Career was involved between 2016 and 2018 with the participation of teachers, students and graduates.

This conference was open to the entire academic community and it dealt with some reflections derived from the initial question: What can literature do?, as its title advances.

From there, Silvia Barei proposed her audience a conversational tour with a multiplicity of literary texts, articulated from the dialogue with the different literary theories that during the XX century have tried to address and dilute the infinite and unbearable problem that literature represents.

This essay was ceded by the author to this Faculty Department of Literature for its publication.

Key words: literature - reading - writing - social discourse - cultural semiotics

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