Motivaciones de los alumnos para aprender administración en las carreras de ingeniería de la Facultad de Ciencias Forestales (Universidad Nacional de Misiones)

Motivations of students to learn administration at engineering careers at Faculty of Forestry Sciences (National University of Misiones)

This research project sustains that motivation influences significant learning at university level as well as the academic performance of students. From this standpoint, the Administration teaching staff considers what the academic motivations to learn this subject are, as regards students of the engineering careers of the Faculty of Forestry Sciences and intends to characterize them. This publication intends to share the results obtained from the statistical treatment of data from a survey that was implemented in order to initially explore the motivations. Although the first approach to the motivations was made from a quantitative approach, the paradigm of the research will be predominantly qualitative.

Key words: motivation - learning - administration

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