Trayectorias personales y carreras políticas de las diputadas nacionales por la Provincia de Buenos Aires, 1999-2015

Palabras clave: Trayectoria - Carrera Política - Diputadas Nacionales - Provincia de Buenos Aires

Trajectories and political careers of female MPs from Buenos Aires Province, 1999-2015

This paper describes trajectories and political careers types of female MPs from Buenos Aires Province during 1999-2015. Assuming the access to a national elective position implies an accumulation of skills and socially valued resources, the interrogations that organizes this work are: what kinds of women have access to these positions? from which trajectories? with what types of political career? These enquiries are framed in the irruption of women in legislative quotas in this period, due to the application of laws that require minimum percentages of female participation in the lists. The article searches for the shared attributes presented by these women and aims to identify differential features according to their male peers. Data presented comes from an unpublished database that gathers information from a universe of 231 Buenos Aires Province MP´s for the period between 1999 and 2015. The results show that in this district, with respect to their male peers, women have different trajectories and careers. They also show that the new female contingents incorporation makes the composition of the PBA legislative casts more heterogeneous.

Keywords: Trajectory - Political Career - Female MPs - Buenos Aires Province

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