Viviendo sin derecho. Migraciones latinoamericanas y acceso a la vivienda en Montevideo

Palabras Claves: Movimientos de población - Políticas habitacionales – Discriminación, Racismo y Xenofobia - Derecho a la Vivienda

Living without rights. Latin American migrations and housing access in Montevideo

This article addresses access conditions and the right to housing guarantees for the migrant population in Montevideo. With this research, we have confirmed the precariousness of the housing offer accessed by the migrant population. Their main alternative is a heterogeneous type of options that we generically call, and from fieldwork terminology: "pensions". We seek to visualize and problematize “pensions” as a housing solution of great precariousness for users, and as a source of various forms of irregularity for the departmental administration. We take into account the conditions in which they exist, and in which everything that concerns to the domestic life is developed, and the various conflicts in which the population that inhabits them is immersed. At the institutional level we investigate the regulations, operational requirements, inspections and dispositions, seeking to understand the link between the state and different social agents struggling; and, on a broader scale, with social policies in the city targeted to the migrant population.

Key Words: Population Movements - Housing Policies – Discrimination, Racism and Xenophobia - Right to Housing

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